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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Fishing Report

Coastal Estuaries: Sea-Run Cutthroat fishing has been fair and will improve.  Spruce Fly, Mickey Finn, Mini-Clouser Minnow. Alley Shrimp, Purple Joe & Black Nose Dace are the favorites for this fishery.

Fall Chinook Salmon are starting to nose in to the estuaries and a few have been caught.  Clouser Minnows, Tater Chip, P.C. King, Boss & Hot Shot Comets are my fav's.

Coastal Freshwater: Decent numbers of chrome bright Steelhead are still available. Early morning is the best bet as the water is cooler. Dark small steelhead patterns.  Great time for floating lines as fish are active.

Willamette Valley Rivers: Fair to good for trout in the evening on attractor dries.  Steelhead fishing has slowed but fish are around just have to work hard for them. Rivers are low and clear but water temps are good so using floating lines will make for exciting hookups. Traditional patterns and Spey's are the ticket.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Fishing Report

Metolius River: Bridge 99 fire update; The fly only section is open again. Golden Stones are still coming off and will be around the next 30 - 45 days.  One of the fun hatches to fish!

North Santiam River: Fair fishing right now.  Mostly evening fishing or right at sunrise.  Hopper/dropper set ups are the best way to fish right now.

McKenzie River: Hopper/droppers all the way!

Crooked River: Fishing pretty good right now.  Try hoppers, ants, beetles, and midges.

East Lake:  East lake has been good on Callibaetis nymphs. Damsel adult patterns are a blast to toss at working fish. Chironomid's are a must to have at East Lake this time of year.

Coastal Estuaries: Sea-Run Cutthroat are available.  Spruce Flies, Mickey Finn's, Black Nose Dace's.  Cover lot's of water to find these guys! 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Fishing Report

(Dave Carpenter photo)
Information for North Santiam River Users:

CAUTION: The section between Shelburn and Green’s Bridge remains hazardous for boaters because of downed trees and multiple side channels. Better bets are the floats below Green’s Bridge and above Stayton.
UPDATE: The new boat slide at Upper Bennett Dam will be closed starting June 20 in order to perform routine maintenance on the dam. It is scheduled to re-open around Labor Day. Boaters can use the boat slide at Lower Bennett dam on the north channel around Geren Island in order to reach the Sayton boat ramp.
UPDATE: The new gate at the Green’s Bridge boat launch site is now closed for the summer through Labor Day. Boat anglers wishing to use the site will need to obtain a key from the ODFW district office in Adair Village. For further information, call 541-757-4183.

McKenzie River: Fishing has been good.  Equal between dries and nymphs.  Size 8 BH Rubber Legged Prince Nymph trailed by a sz. 16 BH Flashback PT nymph has been the nymph setup dejour.  As far as dries use Elk Hair Caddis, sz. 14-16 Yellow Stimulators, Fat Boy's.

Metolius River: Should be about time for the Golden Stones to start hatching.  One of my favorite times of the year for me up there.

North Santiam River:  Fly fishing for trout has been fair to good.  Hopper/dropper setups are the best way to go.  Catch and release only for wild trout on this river.

Crane Prairie Reservoir: Fishing has been fair to good.  Callibaetis and damsel nymphs are the ticket but when those trout are looking up at adult damsels switch over and throw some dry damsel patterns as at times you can have epic fishing!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Fishing Report

Willamette Valley Trout: Fly fishing for Rainbow and Cutthroat Trout has been good. Lot's of good hatches right now with Caddis, Little Yellow Stones and PMD's.

Coastal Cutthroat: Fishing has been good for these fantastic fish.  Streamers all the way!

Metolius River: Fishing has been fair to good.  Green Drakes and PMD's.

Crooked River: The Caddis and PMD hatches are just ok.  Try Scuds and nymphs.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Fishing Report

McKenzie River:  Fair to good for Rainbow and Cutthroat Trout. The McKenzie River below Leaburg Lake will be boat stocked this week with 6,000 rainbow trout, including 1,750 larger sized trout. Fish will be released from Leaburg Town Landing down to Hendricks Bridge. Gear use is restricted to flies and lures below Hendricks Bridge. Use of bait is allowed from Hendricks Bridge upstream to Leaburg Dam through the end of the year. A Columbia River Basin Endorsement is required for anglers targeting salmon and steelhead in the McKenzie.

GREEN PETER RESERVOIR: kokanee, trout, bass
This large reservoir east of Sweet Home is a premier kokanee fishery with a bag limit of 25 fish per day. It also supports stocked rainbow trout and a good population of smallmouth bass. It will be stocked this week with 6,000 legal size rainbow trout. The kokanee fishery is slowly heating up as fish become more active with the warming temperatures. Most kokanee are being caught between 20-30 feet down. The reservoir level is currently at full pool. Both Thistle Creek and Whitcomb boat ramps are open.

The Middle Fork Willamette River above Hills Creek Reservoir is open to catch-and-release fishing. Angling is restricted to flies and lures. The Middle Fork above Hills Creek Reservoir will not be stocked this year. Those fish will instead be released into Hills Creek Reservoir for anglers.

Trout fishing is good in most areas as water temperatures have warmed and stocking has occurred multiple times. The trout fishery can offer anglers of all experience levels some great fishing opportunities and can be a great way to introduce kids into fishing. Prime stocking occurs March, April and May in Mid Coast water bodies. Be sure to check out the 2014 stocking schedule on the ODFW web page for the most up to date information.

Fishing reports coutesy of ODFW

Sunday, April 13, 2014

April 13 Fishing Report

We had a great 2014 Winter Steelhead season with several good days on the water but now we are changing our focus to trout and summer steelhead. It's a bit early for steelhead but we are starting to see some March Browns hatching on the McKenzie and water levels are finally getting down and water temps are finally coming up. I'll be working the McKenzie later this week and the following week so stay tuned for more reports......Rich

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Fishing Report

Over the last three months there just hasn't been much going on due to all the rain and high water levels so not much to report on trout fishing. One bright spot may be on the Lower Mckenzie River as the water levels are dropping and a few March Browns are starting to hatch. Mostly nymphs right now but the main hatch shouldn't be far away. Possie Buggers, Big BH Prince nymphs, and soft hackles.