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Sunday, April 13, 2014

April 13 Fishing Report

We had a great 2014 Winter Steelhead season with several good days on the water but now we are changing our focus to trout and summer steelhead. It's a bit early for steelhead but we are starting to see some March Browns hatching on the McKenzie and water levels are finally getting down and water temps are finally coming up. I'll be working the McKenzie later this week and the following week so stay tuned for more reports......Rich

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Fishing Report

Over the last three months there just hasn't been much going on due to all the rain and high water levels so not much to report on trout fishing. One bright spot may be on the Lower Mckenzie River as the water levels are dropping and a few March Browns are starting to hatch. Mostly nymphs right now but the main hatch shouldn't be far away. Possie Buggers, Big BH Prince nymphs, and soft hackles.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

What's New

As most of you know by now that we closed the doors of Creekside Flyfishing Shop in Salem Oregon. We are though going to focus on the guide business from now on. We will continue fishing reports on this blog along with other items of interest. We are now booking trip trips for Winter Steelhead on the Oregon Coast through the end of April. You can e-mail us or call 503-588-1768 to book a trip. We are also going to continue to book private lake fishing for Alder Creek Ranch and Rocky Ridge Ranch. We still have some fly shop inventory left. Fly lines, tying materials, hooks, fly reels, etc. Soon we have a link to our Ebay store. Stay tuned! Thanks Rich Rich Youngers Fly Fishing Guide Service P.O. Box 13898 Salem, Oregon 97309 503-588-1768 e-mail:

Monday, October 7, 2013

Fall Fishing Update

Coastal Sea-Run Cutthroat fishing is very good with some fish reaching 18-20 inches. Spruce Fly, Mickey Finn, Black Nose Dace, Purple Joe have been the go to patterns. Season ends October 31st.

McKenzie River: October Caddis are out and fish are looking up. Better go!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fishing Report 09/24/13

Coastal Cutthroat:  Fishing is good for Sea-Run Cutts!  Recent rains have move a good number of fish out of tidewater and moved them up into the freshwater sections.  Reverse Spider, Spruce Fly, Hornberg Special, Mickey Finn and Black Nose Dace are the patterns of choice.

McKenzie River:  Levels are good and it's time for the October Caddis!

North Santiam River: River levels are fluctuating but will soon stabilize.  It's time to start throwing October Caddis patterns at Rainbow & Cutthroat trout.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Fishing Report 09/07/13

Coastal Cutthroat:  Sea-Run Cutthroat are available in good numbers from the estuaries up to the lower reaches in freshwater.  Spruce Fly's, Alley's Shrimp, Reverse Spiders, Mickey Finns and Black Nose Dace are the fly patterns to have in your fly box.

McKenzie River: River levels are good and so is the fishing below Leaburg Dam.  Hopper/Dropper's are the way to go.

North Santiam River above Detroit Dam:  Good for trout.  Just about any of the traditional trout patterns are working.

North Santiam River below the Dam:  Catch and release only for wild trout.  Fishing has been fair to good most of the summer so far.  October Caddis action just around the corner.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fishing Report 08/22/2013

McKenzie River:  Despite low summer flows the McKenzie River below Leaburg Dam is fishing well.  We have been using hopper - dropper setups.  Doesn't seem to matter what combinations you are using as long as you know where the fish hang out.

Coastal Rivers & Estuaries:  The Siuslaw Estuary is experiencing record returns of Sea-Run Cutthroat according to ODFW reports.  Shouldn't be long for the cental coast estuaries to follow suit.  Popular flies such as the Reverse Spider, Spruce Fly & Mickey Finns are among the top three to use.

North Santiam River: Still fishing fair to good for Rainbow and Cutthroat trout.  Hopper-Dropper the way to go. River flows are on the low side and you will need to have good boating skills if you are planning to float the river.